To become a multi – business corporation with leading brands in Vietnam. 

vision ritavo


  • Never stop searching, striving to bring the best products of world leading brands to Vietnam consumers.
  • Being a strategic business partners in Vietnam prestige brands
  • Build a strong brand image and have sustainable development. Share our difficulties as well as benefits with our partners, customers and the community. Stick together on the path to prosperity 
  • Business Philosophy

With our philosophy "Always put quality and integrity first" the satisfaction of customers is the honor and the measure of our success. All these are expressed in each product, service and commitment of quality that RITAVÕ delivers.

ritavo company


  • Empower creativity and expand development opportunities for all RITAVO employees, provide a dynamic and professional working environment.
  • Understand and share with everyone about work and life. 

RITAVO always remind our members to live responsibly, encourage creativity and devote ourselves to be a better version of who we are and support the community around us.

nhan su ritavo


  • We have more than 1,000 staffs across the country with years of experience and expertise. 
  • Proactive and creative in their work. 

RITAVO recognizes that human resources are an invaluable asset for every business, so we always try our best to improve ours. We consistently provide professional training and never stop perfecting our knowledge to give customers the best experience possible.